The rise of digital art

Posted by Gordon Brown

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Lets be honest, we all love some sort of art on our walls. Traditionally original art work has been only for the wealthy, or for those that have high disposable income.

We all have some sort of art work on our walls, but the chances are everybody and there dog has got the same image, whither it's a classic replica of a Picasso or Van Gogh's Sun Flower or an Ikea canvas there are very few people that have something unique on their walls.

In the global social media and digital world, where art is more accessible than it has ever been, there is a rise/trend in limited edition prints. This art work is original, limited to small number and the chances or anyone you know having the same artwok is slim.

The best part of this is, it's affordable! Yes you will pay a little more, but it's in the relms of affordability. In-line with the global trend of having something unique that no one else has. For example; New Balance shoes, now offer a bespoke service. You pick the colour, style and fabric, each trainer is styled to your preference, making your trainer the only one in the world.... at a reasonable price tag.

The art world has gone in the same direction, you can have a piece of art, that very few people have.

If you can buy original, great....if you can't, buy the next best thing. Orginal digital Giclee Prints.