Tips for a new art collector

Posted by Gordon Brown

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  1. Buy what you like, not what other people prefer.

Art is subjective, and very personal – collecting should always be an extension of your love for the craft. Retain this love by ensuring your collection is a representation of your personality and choose to only buy paintings that you really admire.

  1. Price - buy what you can afford - There's a huge range of artwork for sale, with a full range of prices.

While it’s tempting to build up your collection quickly, it takes years to create something that you can be proud of. Don’t be tempted to splash out on lavish art that’s out of your price range – there’s plenty of art out there within your budget, it’s just a case of researching what’s best for you.

  1. Visit local exhibitions and arts fairs

If you’re new to the scene, the best way to begin is by appreciating local talent. Spend some time learning the most that you can from artists in the area and network as much as possible. It’s likely you’ll meet fellow art collectors at these events who can give you advice from their experience.

  1. Think about your collection as a theme

In order to build something that you can really treasure, sticking to a theme for the artwork you buy keeps your collection looking aesthetically pleasing. If you have a favourite art style, try to stay loyal to this – if you venture to other styles your collection may end up appearing messy.

  1. Prints, limited edition or original?
    Prints range from a few pounds, limited edition can range from £60- 1000, Original can be any price

Depending upon your price range and personal preference, you have the choice of buying prints, limited editions prints, or original artwork. Sticking to one of these themes can keep your collection clean, however you’ll need to do some research first as to what will match your personality and personal budget.